Frequently Asked Questions

How can I participate in the Tools4AgileTeams?

On-site event: The on-site ticket (booking from 1 September 2022) entitles admission to the conference on-site in Wiesbaden.

You will receive your digital ticket for on-site participation after payment has been received.

Online event: it is very easy to participate and you can join any time you want (even when the event has already started):

  1. Order your ticket online directly. This can be done via a voucher or any form of payment.
  2. With the order confirmation you will receive a link to the event platform for registration. Please note that only the link in the order confirmation for registration works!
  3. Once you have registered on the event platform, you’ll be able to use all features and communicate with other participants.
  4. Access to the online conference will be sent to you at the end of November.

Is it possible to get a ticket for only one conference day?

No, both the basic ticket (online participation) and the on-site ticket are valid for both conference days.

What time does the conference start?

Here are a few key dates:

1 December 2022

2 December 2022

You’ll find more information on the Agenda.


For our participants and speakers who will attend the event on-site, we have blocked a room contingent at our partner hotel Star-Apart Hansa Hotel with discounted rates. More information

Who do I contact if I have urgent problems during the conference?

We hope your conference experience will be smooth, exciting, inspiring – but most of all: intuitive. However, if there are any problems, we will be available for you in our support channel .

In addition, we also offer support for all participants within the event platform. Just look for the Session Support; we are there for you via video or chat.

Of course you can contact us as usual via For the conference days, we can also be reached by mobile phone at (0049)(0)611- 20570 71.

To the Support Channel (Google Meet)

What are the Corona measures to be observed on site?

We adhere to federal and state government guidelines in place at the time of the event.

Currently (as of 14 October 2022), there are no requirements for events. Should this change by December 1st, we will of course implement appropriate measures at T4AT – after all, we want everyone to be safe and have fun at the event! At this time, we only ask that you do the following:

We will update this section regularly so that you will know immediately if there are any restrictions for T4AT 2022. Of course, you are also free to take any action-on site that you deem appropriate and important.

We are there for you in case you have questions or encounter problems

Questions about ticket ordering

What is included in the ticket?

What does the on-site ticket include?

Included: admission for both days of the conference, all beverages provided on-site and several meals, networking opportunity.

What does the online ticket include?

The ticket grants you digital access to the conference with all content. Not only can you attend all presentations and keynotes, but you can also actively participate in Q & A sessions. By moderating during the conference, you are also always informed about which sessions are currently taking place.

How can I order the on-site ticket?

In order to book your on-site ticket, you should click on “Order now” on the PURCHASE TICKET page, and then add the basic ticket to your shopping cart, click on Continue – now you will see the on-site participation as additional products. Put a tick next to the shopping cart icon and press Continue again. In the next step you have to select your contact details and the payment method and you will receive your ticket by email.

Is it possible to cancel my ticket?

Please note that you can cancel your paid order free of charge until 11/11/2022.

After that the cancellation fee is 6% of the purchase price. 

How can I pay for my ticket?

Each ticket generates an invoice that you will receive by email. We accept bank transfers and payment by credit card. Please contact if you have any questions.

I purchased the on-site ticket, but I can now not make it to the on-site event and will only participate online. How can I cancel the on-site ticket?

Currently it is not possible for you as a customer to make a partial cancellation. Please contact the organization team at

If you want to cancel your entire order, you can do so via your order overview (received by email). Follow the link to change your order. There you will find the “Cancel” button. By pressing this button all tickets of your order will be invalidated. Payments made will then be refunded.

I already have the basic ticket – how can I buy the on-site ticket in addition?

If you have purchased the basic ticket, you can not purchase the additional ticket for on-site participation via this ticket store. Instead, go to your order overview (received by email) and follow the link to “Cancel or rebook order”. There you will find the button: ” Rebook order”, with which you can change your order afterwards and add the additional product “On-site ticket”. If you had previously received an invoice for the basic ticket, there are two new documents: First, a cancellation document for the original invoice, and then a new invoice that reflects the contents of the order at the current time.

Please note that the rebooking is only possible until November 11, 2022

Go to your order summary that you received by email and follow the link.

At the bottom of the order you will find the button: “Change order”. With a click on it you can change your order afterwards.

A new window called “Change order” will open: – here you can add the additional product “On-site ticket”.
If you had previously received an invoice for the basic ticket, there will then be two new documents: First, a cancellation document for the original invoice, and a new invoice that reflects the contents of the order at the current time – then with on-site ticket.
Please note that the rebooking is only possible until 11/11/2022.